Stylist´s Chat – My Black Bike

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Stylist´s Chat – My Black Bike

My very dear readers of and,

Feels good to be here in my blog! First of all I’d like to say that my dream is to have more time to dedicate to interesting posts, but at the moment, my life is so incredibly busy with my styling work, traveling and my family that it is next to impossible to have a moment to write an article. At this very moment, I’m writing this short article from a quiet hotel room in Riccione, Italy drinking my coke and listening to my favorite Danish pop singer MØ, thinking when I’m going to finish it and go grab myself a juicy piadina romagnola, which is a super local delicious perfect kind of sandwich thing 🙂

Stylist´S love2live og myblackbike

Most of my publications are in Instagram where I try to get women inspired to dress how they love, no matter their age, body type and budget. And this is what I do as an stylist. I try to help women to feel better in therms of dressing, hair style and make up. It’s a relationship that we develop together. We become friends and that’s what I love about this job. It’s like sharing all what I’ve learned on all these years with my clients which I see as my sister, mother, cousins and best friends. We immediately find a common ground to work with, which is “to feel better about ourselves” and we work with that along the consultancy.

But this good chemistry comes only with trust. My clients/friends learn how to trust me just because they feel I am on their side and sincerely engaged on understanding their needs. It’s called empathy. In fact, for each different client I dedicate more o less time, according to their needs.

The work of the stylist is not “to change” the clients “style”, the way of dressing, trying something strange with their hair or some experimental section according to my taste,  but in most of the cases, is to help her to feel beautiful and feel better with her own body and her inner beauty. I deeply believe that the real beauty is from inside! It is a fact that when you feel beautiful, you look good even in pijamas and zero make up on!

We all need to dress somehow or other. The stylist work is not the “support” of the crazy shallow superficial consuming industry. No! At least is not my intention. I say it because many people wrongly believe that stylists and people somehow involved with fashion are shallow and superficial in a so chaotic world where people die in wars at every minute. Yes, true, but I do it as work. It’s an honest job and most people that know me, know also that I’m very intimately engaged on bhakti yoga spiritual teachings which I’ve been practicing for over 20 years. But I have another channel where I deal with that completely for free. All my friends know I’ve lived in India for many years. But this blog deals mostly with fashion. So here we talk about fashion.

Back to the subject, it’s all about to find a style that matches your personality in an harmonious way, no matter what personality it is with any budget!

Along the years I’ve learned that you dress according to your most intimate mentality. It’s unconscious…the way we dress says so much of  who we are and how we feel. It’s a way of expressing ourselves. Yes, it’s a huge cliche, I agree, but it’s a TRUE cliche!

I can give you an example of what I mean: I’m a 45 years old married woman and mother of two grown up 21 and 14 year old boys. I still wear mini skirt without looking nasty od vulgar…super modern sporty items, sneakers, mixing printings and styles that many of my son’s female friends wouldn’t dare to! I have found my style…which is a mixture of modern and classic, a bit rock’n roll and has to be elegant and chic…according to my taste.

stylist´s love2live og myblackbike

And by the way, my hair is NATURALLY gray! Nobody believes it, because they see me younger than I actually am! That’s the whole point! I feel young…therefore you see me young. That’s it!

stylist´s love2live og myblackbike

Every time I go out, someone stops me on the street to ask me “what color number” I applied…they find it awesome! Even hairdressers! But there’s no trace of any chemical on my hair. It’s all natural! Many ladies take pictures of my hair…incredible! And in Copenhagen, I can see some people know me due to my blog and Instagram…what a weird feeling…being recognized on the streets 🙂

So, in other words, we have to find ourselves our own style and be happy with it. I feel beautiful and for this very reason, other people see that. Feeling beautiful is a sign of mental sanity, specially for us women. There’s nothing wrong on feeling beautiful. Actually we have to, for our own sake. It’s something so ancient, mentioned even in the oldest Sanskrit scriptures written over 5000 years ago. It’s a natural sanity state for a woman. It’s a huge market and it’s growing. Why? Because women love it!

Ok, we keep on talking! Hope I can post soon again. Can’t promise when…really love you beautiful women of this world that dedicate a little time to read my lines! I wish you all love and much affection! See you soon!

Love Renata

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